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September 29, 2008


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Uh....just for the record I said it was a small penis, not a "very" small penis. I'm never gonna get a date if you go around talking like that.

Great racing you guys. It was nice to see you all. I love your team kits.

Thank you for coming over to race the series.


Man that was the shizzle. I still can’t believe how many racers and spectators were out there...I’m looking real forward to the rest of this series.

Sorry for the delay on editing Chadwicks vid. I was completely smoked when i got home last night and busy this morning. Will get it up today!

I thought I did "OK" for my 1st cross race. I definitely want to do more. A big thanks to Nick C. and Andy for driving us and the bikes. I had a great time, and I now know I have a lot to work on. Like Nick said, I think we (Red Wheel) could have done better had we started a little more toward the front.

If you pre-register you get a call-up to the front row. That helps a lot when you have a large field.

First rider up is the past year's champion, then will line up riders in the order they register.

what a race venue for a sunday afternoon. So many racers and the course was badass. i definitely want to go back to kansas cross. good job team redwheel. prost

Plus if we pre-register we get the "goodie" bag!

You guys rocked the venue with outstanding supporters club behavior. Beers and noisemaking!

I hope y'all had a great time at the first of the KC races. Come back for both the DeStad AND the www.series60cx.com events. At all but one of the Series60 we'll have FREE Boulevard Beer to keep you enthusiastic. But i'm guessing you've already got the enthusiasm covered. The videos are cool, the accent is appreciated. I'm from central MO myself.

Mark Thomas

Ya'll was talking in funny accents? Well shiiittt, I'm sorry I missed it.

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