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November 26, 2008


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Bob, did you see the part about 10-15 miles of trekking/trail running? You want to try an adventure race, do the Capital City Adventure Race.

That's assuming they're going to have it next year??? Is Andy still M.I.A?

I haven't done this particular adventure race but I've done a couple other ones put on by Bond Hard Racing. They are difficult but high quality events. Make sure you know how to orienteer otherwise you could be spending the night out there.

You can do it, Bob!!!

Yeah, I thought the 15 miles of trekking would be a nice warmup...

You wanna be my partner, Peat?

Phil and I do alot of these. We are actually doing The Castlewood 8hr this weekend. Jess and Sonja did the Berryman back in Sep. They are different from a just a bike race. Using your head will get you a long way.

Hey Carey, how do you guys train for one of these things? I'll be in Hermann this weekend, otherwise I'd come see what the Castlewood race was all about....by watching, that is:)

I'm interested to learn more, but I don't have any idea how to prepare myself.

Good luck this weekend Corey. You'll have to give us a race report Monday.

Hey Bob, I'm Becca's husband, and we met a few months ago briefly. I've done some adventure racing in the past, and I'm interested in doing the Chill again. I just don't have a partner yet. I'm not in great shape, but I have some experience orienteering. If you don't have a partner yet and are still looking for one let me know.

Hey Luke, sounds like a deal to me. I would imagine we need to start training, like yesterday:). I'll have my people get ahold of your people.

Now all we need is a team to compete against....

Sweet! Like I said, I'm not in great shape yet, so if you're planning on kicking ass, then you might want someone else. But if you just want to finish and have a blast then it's a go. Later,

And I think Corey might be racing with Sonya from what I've heard. Surely we can beat their asses, right?

I dunno, that Sonya chick is pretty scary:)

Let's bring the pain.

Well the race was a little tough for the usual 8hr race. In past years the race usual takes us about 7hrs and its about 25 to 30 checkpoints long. This year when we got to the finish wich was around 7hrs they handed us another Rogane map with 19 more checkpoints. It was crazy. Usually the castlewood race is just a fun one we do. This one was brutal. I think Luke would be a good partner. He plays a smart race. Phil can't make it for the Chill however I did mention it to Sonja and she seem interested. If that is the case then you may have your team to compete against. Training is a little different for these races. You have to keep up a decent pace for a long time. When I run I just try to find that pace where you can run forever on and work on trying to get that faster. Same way with the bike. I lift alot of weights and when I do I train shoulders pretty hard and am basicaly relying on that for the cannoe. That is really how I train and it probably isn't the best.


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