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December 18, 2008


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I am always up for a good run. I can't afford a nice light for binder, but do have a mag light I could tape on the bars. LOL...

There are lots of hills in my neighborhood if you want some hill work. Give me a shout.

I'm down. How bout we do it every tuesday night? I could meet you at the park by your house or something. I'd really like to be able to hammer out 5 miles at a good pace before raceday gets here. (I'm a bit of a dreamer.)

I'm in the final two weeks of a 16 week lifting program that is focused on increasing maximum strength (I know it isn't ideal for adventure racing, but I don't want to abandon the program in the final two weeeks) I've been adding in more endurance work than the program calls for since Bob and I formed Team Boats 'N Hoes. After Christmas my main focus for my lifts will be on muscle endurance, and I will ramp up the mileage on the bike and on foot.

Here is what I've done so far this week:
-Lower Body Max Effort (High Weight, Low Reps) - 1 hour, 10 min
-Steady State at moderate pace on stationary bike - 20 min
- Upper Body Max Effort - 1 hour, 10 min
- (Legs were too sore from Heavy Sumo Deadlifts to ride or run)
- Tabatas using Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch - with warm up and cool down 15 min. Note: Tabatas are pure hell - 20 seconds of all out effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 7 more times for a total of 4 minutes.
- Moderate Intensity Intreval Training (MIIT) on Stationary Bike - 35 min
- Lower Body Dynamic Effort (Low weight, Low Reps, High Speed) - 1 hour, 10 min
- MIIT on stationary bike - 35 min

I'll be at CXmas, but I'll be the fat, slow guy on a mt. bike. Bob, I think a 5 mile continuous run at a decent pace sounds like a good goal. What pace are you shooting for?

Oh, I guess I'll also throw this goal out there to force myself to meet it. My weight as of this morning was 219.5, and I WILL be 205 or less by race day. That's roughly 2 pounds per week.

Any training tips or suggestions for getting faster on the bike would be great, too.

I guess that's it for now. See you at CXmas!


P.S. - Sonya, you gonna do the race? How 'bout you Cory?

Oh wow! When did you get serious Luke? I'm game to do the race but I don't want to push Sonja into it. Its really up to her. Last year it was a nice 50 degree day at the Chill but the year before I heard it was brutal. I don't blame her if she don't want to do it. I've been doing alot of cold weather training leading up to the Castlewood race so im good. I'm not in the best adventrue race shape right now though. I've only been doing the spinning classes that I teach and a ton of weights. This is the time of the year that I like to concentrate on that and get big. However I've done races in worse shape. I'm always game to go for a ride on the weekends if im in town. Luke you have my number so let me know. I'm still thinking on doin the CXmas also. Noelle said I could but I will be comming from KC. this weekend. Luke really the best tip I have for getting faster on the bike is just to get out there and do it. I have a book that I could let you read that really helped me out also. Brian Lopes Mastering Mountian Bike Skills. I like the the idea of running and bikeing back to back. I do this alot when I train for a race. Goodluck to you both and keep me up to date.

Who said I've gotten serious? I'm just doing this for the pre-race pasta dinner and the free t-shirt. Oh and the massive amounts of beer afterwards. Isn't that why any of us race?

Sounds like reason enough to get serious. BTW. Last race they didn't give out free tee shirts. Got a fleace hat.

Was it a cool hat? (

I really want a T-shirt from this race)

I'm commuting to work today in preparation for CXmas tomorrow. My fekkin' calves are still sore from running the other night. Running is definitely not my strong suit, lots of work to do there.

That new cross bike is like butter.

-Upper Body Dynamic Effort Lift - 1 hour, 10 min
-No conditioning today, saving my legs to kill myself at CXmas

I'm taking Saturday off.

It's going to have a windchill of -6 at noon on Sunday. Crazy! Is everyone still going? See you there.

Of course we're still going. The only thing I'm changing is the STAG WAGON is staying at home. What's the point of pulling around a case of beer if it's frozen? So tonight I'm head'n down to the getto gas station and picking up a few bottles of MAD DOG.

-6? Hopefully chicks think beard-sicles are sexy...

Don't forget to trim your nose-hair, boys. No sense in riding 34 miles with daggers in your nose.

I missed CXmas, and I'm pissed. My wife had a kidney stone. I know, it's no excuse. I guess I'm just a pussy. Hope you guys had fun. It sounds like it was a blast.

I did ride a 10.5 mile loop near my house with some pretty good hills (for me). It was so F'n cold! My toes almost fell off. Seriously. I need some tips from you guys that finished CXmas. Do the neoprene over-boots really work that well, or are there other tips or tricks you recommend. Or am I just a wimp?

Neoprene booties are your friend. That and the ability to ignore intense physical pain, LOL.

4 mile run tonight. Sumbitch it's cold out there. Only problem I'm having is the sleeves of my jacket get sweat on them and then freeze. So it's like I'm sweating but I'm freezing my ass off at the same time.

Does anyone use a really good commuter jacket that they would reccomend??

Bob, I think what you really need is some Powerthirst.


""mother nature will tell you to slow down and you'll be like, "fuck you!!" and kick her in the face....""

Sign me up, I'll take a case of that. Now just lemme see if they have anything for knee pain...

This powerthirst is some good stuff. It makes my kidneys hurt though...

Been bike commuting to work from Holts Summit the last 2 days. It was so warm this morning I was wearing a t-shirt and still sweating. WTF?

It's crystal meth in a can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-3qncy5Qfk&NR=1

That would explain my rotting teeth and this apparent flesh-eating disease on my face. Damn meth, why do I love you?

If this rain keeps up I may have a pretty epic ride on the way back to Holts Summit tonight :) (Nick, I've got some money for you.)

I haven't done a thing since Christmas Eve. I was out of town... And lazy. I think I need to get me some of that meth to get my ass into gear.

I am going to test my maxes in the major lifts tonight (my 16 week strength program is over, and I want to see how I've improved). Then I'm starting a program more appropriate for adventure racing.

This past week was a "deload" week to get ready for my max tests. Monday I lifted for a half hour. Tuesday I did Tabatas using single-arm snatches (Hee Hee... I just said snatch). Then I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes. Wednesday I lifted for a half hour and did intervals on the stationary bike for 35 minutes.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I did nothing except eat everything in sight. Actually, I got quite a good workout on our new Wii. I'm thinking of training strictly on the Wii instead of actually riding my bike. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas.


My Christmas was awesome. No in-laws, bitches!!!!

Rode a new trail today starting at the Katy Trail paved pavilion. Rode from there to ABB via the outer road to the Katy trail. I followed that to the golf course exit which led me to county road 4039. From there it was mostly gravel til I got to Halifax. Followed that to blahblahblah you don't care anyway... I wound up spinning it out for a little over 20 miles on a beautiful December afternoon.

My recovery drink was a 6-pack of Fat Tire, a bottle of Red Grape Mad-Dog, and about half a 5th of Ten High w/ Coke. (Yeah, I'm kinda shit-faced right now.)

You have no idea how many times I've proofread this post. :) Good grammar is everything to me.

I'll be doing this route again really soon and I hope to have some company next time. I'll let y'all know ahead of time. I think I'm gonna hold off on the running a little bit because it seems to really kill my knees.

Jenkins out.

Bob, I misread your last line. I thought it said, "Jerkin Out." I wasn't sure what you were doin' after your ride.

Anyhoo, yesterday I rode two miles to Cole County Park and then jogged two laps (I think each lap is only .66 miles), and then I rode home. The weather was awesome! I wanted to do more, but my quads and hammies were so damn sore from testing my max squat and deadlift.

Today, I started a new lift to focus less on max strength and a little more on muscle endurance as well as maintaining the strength I've built over that last few months. The lift took about an hour.

I'll probably only do a light recovery ride tomorrow, because I know my legs are going to be sore again from the new lift. Then I'll ride Berryman on New Year's Day.

Bob, I'd recommend making sure you plan in some rest days and maybe a back-off or "deload" week sometime where you reduce the mileage. Your body (and knees) will thank you for it. You make the best gains when you give yourself time to recover. I think its a good idea to take out the running for now until your knees feel better.

It sucks you can't make it to Berryman. I say quit your job and become a full-time racer. Try to get Powerthirst to sponser you.


Here's a quick training update:

Wed -
Rode the red loop at Binder with my brother. Wanted to go real easy just to get back on single track again and to make sure my brother's bike was ready to go.

Thurs -
Went to Berryman with my brother and met Corey there. Rode from Berryman campground to Brazil Creek campground and then kicked out on the road back to the truck - 21 miles altogether with a little less than 15 miles of single track. Rode with all of the required gear for the Chill.

Fri -
Lifted for an hour.

I'm planning on doing the gravel road ride tomorrow. See you there.

Bopp & I rode "the loop" at Binder today. He rolled Andy's Surly 1x1 MTB and I graced the trails w/ my Tricross singlespeed. We had a muddy good time, then headed over to RedWheel via trucks.

There I found that Dr. Smith was just putting the finishing touches on my Hardrock's conversion to single-speed pimpness. This warranted an additional 2 laps around the West Edgewood trail for me & Bopp. The hardrock rode like a Town Car w/ air suspension and is hereby renamed "Sexual Chocolate".

See y'all tomorrow at the paved pavilion at 1:30 for some serious fun.

Rode the gravel 22-miler yesterday.

I rode the Red loop at Binder today, then did the lakeside yellow loop.

FYI- Both of those trails are in good shape.

I wish you would have called me Bob. I would have gladly rode at binder yesterday. We maybe could have done some trail running! I am free weekends in the afternoons. (Everyone is napping but me)

Saturday - Rode the 22 mile gravel/road ride

Sunday - Rest day

Monday - Lifted - 1 hour

Tuesday - Complexes followed by 20 minutes on the stationary bike

For those that aren't familiar with complexes and are interested, complexes are when you do two or more exercises with a barbell or dumbbells without putting the weight down. For example, I did bentover rows x 5 reps, hang cleans x 5, front squat/push press hybrid x 5, squat jumps with bar on back x 5, good mornings x 5 using 95 pounds. I did 4 sets of this with 90 sec rest between sets. It was a total ass-kicker. Short and not-so-sweet.

And for those that weren't interested, sorry to waste your time.

If anyone is interested in joining me, I'm planning on riding to Binder and running (make that jogging slowly) the yellow loop. I'll probably get there around 5:00 or so.


Sounds fancy! Whatever happend to the basics? lol.

Good run tonight Bob! All in all we did 3.38 @ 9:15 minute pace. Next week we are going to go longer.

Hey, man. Maybe the basics are good enough for average joes, but I need a lot more than the basics. I'm like a ferrari. You wouldn't take your ferrari to Walmart to get the basic oil and lube job, would you?

Actually, I use complexes to help me drop fat fast (and we all know I need to do that). I do plenty of basics most of the time.

Bob, how did the knee hold up?

My knees feel pretty good right now, we ran at a pretty casual pace. I will say that riding my bike back to Holts Summit afterwards was a bit more challenging than I would have preferred.

When I took my jersey off it smelled like ammonia??? WTF?

Luke, I'm off work tomorrow so I'll see you at Binder. Hopefully I'm no too sore after today.

Robby-I think we should go longer too. Next week I'll drive to work so I don't have to save energy. (Does that pace include the cool-down we did?)

Just messing with you luke. I like to switch it up myself mainly just so I don't get board. I like super setting and hi rep workouts for arms like 21's and crazy 8's Not like it matters for what your training for but in the winter time when im trying to get strong I always go back to the basics. I feel I get the best results out of that for strength. Anyways It looks like you guys are going to do great with as much training as your putting into it. Keep up the good work guys!

Corey, I know you were messing with me. I hope you didn't think I was really comparing my body to a ferrari. I'm more like a VW bug... with two flat tires... needing an oil change. It sounds like we have pretty similar philosophies regarding weight training.

Bob, sounds good. See you at Binder.

Yes Bob, that was total average pace. So we did good. Yes, drive next week and we can just run from my house to the track, or just go to the park and run there. Maybe we can do a speed work out next week?

Speed workout? Do I need to psychologially prepare myself for said endeavour?

Maybe.... We can do this on the track. It will be a hard workout, but a necessay one. You will definitely feel it. Bring your RUNNING shoes.

Warmup and easy mile or so, then do 6 "speed" drills then maybe an easy mile or so and then a cool down. It will be intense, and hard, but fun.

Bob wrote
"When I took my jersey off it smelled like ammonia??? WTF?"

Make sure you're properly hydrated before your run.

And before anyone asks, I mean hydrated with water.

Rode the red loop and the yellow loop today. Then threw in a quick 1 mile run, just because I hate myself.

Damn, Bob! You're a stud!

Yesterday I rode around 11 miles with Bob, only 1 of those miles on part of the yellow loop. It got dark way faster than I thought it would.

We had a small spaghetti break in the middle of the ride at my house, and being the generous host that I am I offered Bob one of my pregnant wife's Busch Non-Alcoholic Beers (which he gladly accepted). Sorry, Bob. I'll try to re-stock my fridge. And yes, my pregnant wife drinks NA beer. She's pure class, baby!

Today I lifted - Full body training for an hour and it kicked my ass.

I'll probably ride/run/ride for an hour or so tomorrow, and then take Saturday off. Then I'll be at the Cote Sans Dessein ride.


Well I got the call at lunch today from Sonja. Looks like you boys may have some competition… Well if I get in shape. Lol.

Oh hell yeah!! Let the games begin:) Time to really ramp up the training for me and Luke. This is just the kind of "friendly competition" we've been needing.

Hell yeah! That's sweet, guys! Right now there are 27 teams, and there are only 5 2-person coed teams, so you guys should kill it.

Are you guys planning on getting a hotel or are you camping? If you want to go cheaper we could all get together and rent a cabin at the state park. It's $40.00 per night, two-night minumum for up to 6 people. Let me know your plans.

And I want to see you guys post your training here, so I can see exactly how badly I'll get my ass kicked.

I say we get the cabin, thataway we can sit around in our jammies and tell stories eating smores. It won't be gay as long as Sonya is there.

Bike commuted today for a total of about 18 miles. While I was going up Summit Drive past the winery tonight it started raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Not fun.

I aint doin' shit tomorrow.

I think the cabin would be the shit. By the way, the Chill is up to 30 teams now, and there should be a couple more teams signing up before tomorrow night's price increase.

Bob, you're insane for biking in the shit you do. You're my hero (in a totally straight way).

I didn't do anything yesterday like I had planned. Today I was at Bonkers all day, and that will wear you out, man. Tonight my brother and I rode to Binder from my house (~1.5 - 2 miles), and then we did a trail run on the red loop (~1.5 miles) before riding back to my house. It was dark, and we rode and ran with full packs on. It was nice to do a little bit of running for a change. I need to do more of that.

I'll be at the Pavillion tomorrow for the gravel road ride. I was thinking about attempting Syllamo's Challenge, but my wife informed me that we are supposed to have a baby around that time. Damn gestation period!!!

Word Up,

I'm not sure yet on the cabin. I'm waiting on the details. Sonja had talk to Baub about doing the race before me and she was going to see if he was still in if so then we would have a 4 person team. Not sure who the 4th would be. He was supposed to get back with her this weekend she assured me eather ways she is in so 2 person or 4 we are doing the chill. As for as training well I kinda started today. Noelle and I ran thru the slop out at Landahl in KC. We basicaly ran from the trail head up Rim to Daves Maze then the fire foad out. Not sure how far, but I actually felt good about it. I've been still teaching my spinning classes and hitting heavy weights in the gym. It should be interesting if anything.

Quick Training Update:

Sunday - rode the Cote Sans Dessein ride
Monday - Fully Body lift for an hour
Tuesday - Complexes again (see above), but added 1 more set and decreased rest time between sets, followed by 20 min. on the stationary bike

That's all for now. FYI - The Chill is up to 37 teams with 13 of those in the 2-person male category.

Yesterday I rode the Red loop both ways. Had to push the bike now and then because I didn't want to leave mud ruts. Rode the yellow loop backwards and had to push the bike A LOT because the trail is muddy and it looks like a few people are out there rutting the shit out of it. (thanks assholes.)

After commuting a short distance to my Granny Summers' house for dinner, I rode the trainer tonight for 1 hr and 15 minutes of taint-smashing fun. Not sure why I didn't smell it, but I have yet again burned a hole in the carpet.

Boats 'n' Hoes./

For those going to the Chill, there is a pub crawl at the Lake later that evening (Feb. 7th). Just wanted to let you know. For more info go to the Chill site and click on the updates link.

Bob, are you doing Joe Dirt?

As of right now I'm planning on doing the dirt ride. Maybe it's just the cold weather but lately my legs are pretty weak and I tend to wear out quickly. Even w/ a mask on it's hard to keep from getting out of breath. Let's hope it warms up a bit for this weekend's ride.

Last night it was pretty effing cold, my handlebar mounted headlight literally fell apart,the head brace in my helmet spontaneously broke in half, and my brake cables froze up.

I'm driving today.

Another Update:

Wed 1/14 - Rest Day (legs were feeling run down)

Thurs 1/15 - Full Body Lift (45 min) - cut the lift short b/c I thought I was going to puke up the Chili's I ate for lunch. I ate about 5,000 calories in one sitting in celebration of finding out I'm having a son.

Fri 1/16 - Nothing - just lazy

Sat 1/17 - Played football for a couple of hours and totally dominated (okay I dropped the pass that would have tied the game and I suck)

Sun 1/18 - road ride on the mt. bike near my house with some pretty good hills - a little less than 14 miles

That's it for me. I'm trying to decide if I will be able to survive the boondoggle ride or not. It kind of scares me.

Dragon Out.

Friday-? Can't remember so it must have been fun.

Saturday- Played football for a few hours w/ Luke & a bunch of other guys. Awesome workout.

Sunday- Joe Dirt Ride, lots of fun and a great workout. mostly I tried to be as agressive as I could in the climbs without redlining and running out of steam. All in all a great ride and I still felt pretty good when it was done.

Today I rest. If I feel good tonight I'll either hit the trainer or do a night run.

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