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December 18, 2008


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I'm feelin' like a pimp. Rode the Katy to Columbia today, and now I'm sitting here at Dunn Bros having the best mocha latte in history.

If you guys get a chance, you need to check out the katy trail right now. It's all frozen over and the ice formations floating down the river are amazing. Bonus, I even saw a bald eagle.

I've got some errands to run here in town, then I'll ride back.

Rode the Katy Trail to Columbia today. (35 miles?)

Here's what I've been doing:

Mon- Nothing
Tues - Lifted for an hour
Wed - rode the stationary bike for an hour

Bob, did you ride back from Columbia, too? And I was thinking. I think we should get portraits made like this:

Then we would really look pro.

LOL, we should go to the Salvation Army and pick out some sweaters:) That would definitely put the finishing touches on our pro-ness.

Negative on the ride back. I got sidetracked for a few hours in Columbia and wound up getting a ride home w/ a guy I used to work with at the University. Plus, the smell coming from my body was actually making me sick so I figured it would be a good idea to lay off on the mileage a bit. I'm not sore at all today, which is very encouraging.

I'll ride again today for sure, since it's gonna be like 70 degrees or something. Hopefully some of the MTB trails are dry.

Holy shit it's getting close to raceday.

While the weather was awesome the other day I rode a couple laps around the red loop, then a modified path around the yellow loop to avoid the muddy sections.

Later met up w/ a buddy of mine & rode the shortened yellow loop again.

Then Luke & Corey showed up, so we hooked up our headlights and had some fun riding the yellow loop in the dark. When we finished with that, Luke & I ran the red loop and called it a day.

Yesterday I called in sick to work. Around 3:00 I miraculously started feeling better when Bopp called me wanting to go ride Binder. We did the red loop, yellow loop, and then about....80%(?) of the blue/green loop back to the truck.

Tonight I'm doing some night time trail running if anyone is interested. I'll probably be out there around 8.

I meant to say Luke and Zach.....my bad.

Ran the red loop last night w/ Daisy. She's a lot faster than me so I had to stop & catch my breath several times, but we got a good workout in and I even had some bitchin' "ice-beard" when we got back to the truck.

Another training update:

Thurs - Trail Ride/Run - rode most of the yellow loop with Bob and my brother, then Bob and I ran the red loop (Bob did it in his bike shoes because he is a sadomasochist).

Fri - Full Body Lift - one hour

Sat - Complex Lift again but added 1 rep to each exercise and decreased the rest period - 5x6 with 60 sec rest, then 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

Sun - Rode at Binder with my brother and his friend - we left at 1:00, so we didn't see any red wheelers. We rode from the bait shop to the red loop, rode the red loop and then the top half of yellow. Then we kicked out and rode across the edge of the frozen lake (DO NOT try to duplicate this - we are trained professionals). Altogether it was 10 miles. Great weather for a trail ride, but my toes still almost fell off. I felt slow, which sucks, but I felt like I could go all day, which I guess is good.

I'm planning on taking it a little easier this next week, and then I'll take it a lot easier the following week to make sure I'm fresh for the Chill. The Chill is up to 45 teams, 15 of them in our category. Still no Corey or Sonya. You guys still doing the race or what?


Bob, do either of you have any idea how to navigate? If not, we need to talk before the race.

Yep, Luke knows how to do all that stuff. I'm pretty much clueless tho.

Hey, didn't we meet at the Bubba in the Dark race? That was a good time.

P.S. Hey Luke, a little birdie told me that Mr Chris Bopp, a.k.a "The Champ" has joined forces w/ one of the other Chill teams....

Yeah, I am in charge of getting us lost... er... I mean navigation. I'm no expert by any means, but I've done several races in the past as the naviagator. If anyone has any tips or advice, I'm always willing to learn.

Bob, which team did "the Champ" join? I'm assuming it isn't with Corey and Sonya?

Luke is a pro! Seriously he runs a smart race. I like to go like hell till I have to back track 3 miles!

I'm pretty sure he did. I can find out more later, we're supposed to ride Binder tonight. You oughta join us, this snow is gonna make it super-awesome out there.

Thanks, Corey. You failed to mention, though, that even when you have to backtrack you're still ahead of me.

Bob, I just got your message. I was working at my 4plex. I'm kinda glad I missed your call, becuase I'm not sure if I really wanted to ride in this shiznit. I hope your ride went well. You guys are bad-asses.

Bopp & I rode the "Rutted loop" last night, then rode the roadway up the big hill over to the red loop. We rode that backwards, and realized it was getting pretty damn late so we called it a night.

I did nothing on Monday, and here is what I've done the rest of the week so far:

- A short, de-load lift (I cut the sets in half to let my body recover) - 35 min

- Moderate Intensity Intervals for a half our and then steady state on the stationary bike for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes altogether (boring as hell)
- Bob talked me into going on a night ride with him and Bopp at Binder in the snow. I almost said no, but we ended up doing the yellow loop and then the red loop backwards. Even though I was slow as shit (sorry about that guys), I had so much fun. It was like riding a totally different trail. I'm sooo glad I went.

An update on the Chill - there are now 46 teams signed up, and I hear there is going to be at least one more 4-person coed team to sign up (right Corey?). The Chill website also said that we need to be prepared to paddle with our bikes in the canoes, and we have to bring something to "securely strap our bikes into our canoes". Maybe we should practice this on Binder Lake - oh, wait... It's frozen.

That's it for now.

Oh shit, strapped to the canoe? That's got epic failure written all over it.

I'll have to call Chadwick; I've heard he's something of a specialist when it comes to strap-ons...

This is sounding more and more like Deliverance....

Yes we are signed up finally. Phil and I had a race (Castlewood 2 years ago) where we had to canoe with our bikes. We just used bungies and layed the bikes on top of each other in oppisite directions with the back wheels under the cross bars on the canoe. The end of handle bars wanted to touch the water so cock the wheel a little. We did see 3 or so team loose there canoes with there bikes and gear attached. That sux!

I'm glad you're signed up. I was beginning to wonder... I don't get the team name, though. Where'd that one come from.

It sounds like there might be some more local competition. My brother, Zack, said he and a friend from Columbia are signing up for the Chill. Does anyone have a spare flare gun they could use? I didn't think so.

Corey, how far did you have to paddle with bikes? Did the canoe handle well with the setup you described?

Check yo'self befo' you wreck yo'self,

As far as the teem name Baub's the only one with any ideas. It's from Gilligan's Island. The canoe handled sligtly better than one with a coolers full of beer. I know you have experience with that. Well I guess I should start training so I can write in here... lol.

Corey, now I get the name. I googled Wrongway Feldman and Gilligan's Island came up first. Now it makes perfect sense.

Anyway, I haven't done much training lately. I got a de-load lift in on Friday. I didn't do anything over the weekend except feed my face.

I'm planning on doing some light riding this week a couple of times. Nothing too crazy.

Bob, I am making reservations at the Quail's Nest Hotel for us. I'll let you know if we get a room or if they are booked up. If they're booked, maybe we can talk them into letting us build bunk beds in a storage closet or something. I call top!

Oh man, if we used bunkbeds that would save so much space, and then we could do WAY MORE activities!!!!

what happend to the cabbin?

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