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February 19, 2009


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You know what, screw it, I don't need details. Pete, if I'm off work that day I'll be there with you.

(Is this a road race or what?)


here is the website for the flyer to this race. it's a 30+mile road race. not the most exciting race in the world, but it's one of the first of the season for mid-mo.

I tell ya what, If I can stay sober Saturday night, I'll go MTBing Sunday. If I get drunk I'll go fishing. Either way, I'm out.


I'll put my entire paycheck on this one: Nick Smith will go fishing.

Bob, by "nope" I meant I have no interest in this race and I won't be going. We'll all be lining up at Oz Epic soon enough. I have to work this weekend anyway.

yeah, I guess I kinda mis-read that one. Turns out I'm working anyway.
Can't ride roadie anyway, my shorts don't match my sunglasses.

Hey Gang - looking to come out there next weekend to spend 3 to 4 hours at binder - wanted to know how the trails are? Are they looking OK to ride?

See you all at OZ!


Hey Jeff, shoot me an E-mail a few days before you come over. The trails are 50 /50, rideable some days (frozen), and muddy as hell the next. I'd say if Binder is unrideable, we get a crew together and go hit Counsel Bluff.

i have been doing some interval training to get my maxium output for short durations. I figured if i can get my mvo3 to the maxium amount it will allow me to get the strength i need. i want to excert myself to i am at the lowest output and then push my legs to the max.

Chad, are your trying to speak "roadie-douche"?

I thought about this, but then remembered....yeah, you get no sleep with a new born. I will be chugging extra stong coffee instead. Maybe next year....

I recommend Dunn Bros. Guatemala.


come one man, pound some latte's and then go out there and REPRESENT!!!

looks like there will be a small showing from Team Red Wheel. I'll see what I can do.

If you expect to place in this race, you better be on the top of your game because this is a race. i felt strong and i put out what i thought was a good effort, but i was no match for the guys that won my division. but hey, it's a good race, decent course, and while it's cold-you quickly forget the cold once the race begins.

"I felt strong and I put out what I thought was a good effort"

Sounds to me like a job well done. Did you get any photos?

I'm not much of a picture-taker-er. barely manage to get pics of my boys growing up. anyway, is picture taking part of the deal with being on Team Red Wheel? Hey Nick, how about a team photographer to cover these events?

Well, stories are great, but you know what they say.....a picture is worth a thousand words.

I thought Chadwick was the photographer/videographer?

Go ahead and write up a report, Barry. Oh, and be sure to say that anyone who didn't show up is a fag, douche, pansy, etc. That's just what we do.

What do I say? It's a good race, riders come from far off since it's pretty much the first race of the season. They use timer chips, so no problems with the times. Weather is cold, but it's not that bad. I tried to keep up, i just don't have the killer instinct, and the whole road ride race thing is kinda boring. give me a long race through the woods, i guess that's more my style. gotta pick up on my training i guess. but then again, i just enjoy racing, results are totally incidental. as long as i put in what i consider a good effort, i'm good with that.

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