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May 21, 2010


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I may take you up on that. I was thinking about taking Thursday and Friday off to make a long weekend. I could go for some beer and bikes...maybe not it that order. I have your number and will let you know later in the week.

I am in for a Friday ride. I have off and can meet up with you anytime that is good for you. Anyone else want to go, we can hook up and car pool down there. We can talk about it tomorrow on the 100 miler.

Don, tues binder should be dry. are you going to come up for some binder action? maybe i should rephrase that.

I will be there for whatever team ride traspires this week. Zach and I are going to do a ride on Friday at the lake. We are going to do a nice mountain bike ride and couple it with some hardCORE gravel road riding. Drop me a line if anyone has the day off and wants to join us in the early afternoon roll..816-896-7502

OK...ride tomorrow (FRIDAY) at 10:00 AM. We are going to start at Brumley, ride my buddies private MTB track, drop on to the gravel ride 20 miles on the state park rd to Honey Run, do the 15 mile MTB loop and head back the same route. If I can connect the state road and Four Winds, we might hit that for a few miles...Im sure this will be an EPIC adventure. call me if you would like to meet for the start or meet us like Mitch at the slabs for Honey Run only..

ZACH..call me 816-896-7502

Anyone want to do Binder tonight (thur)? I'm sure it's dry by now. Sorry Don, I can't make your blockbuster ride. Stoney says we can't use the word epic anymore.

I wasn't aware I made the rules, and I never said we couldn't use the word "epic" anymore. I just think it's overused. Also, I hate to break this to you - if you think sixty miles of gravel is epic, you're not ready for the Dirty Kanza.

OK, obviously I'm joking. Only the people who've finished Kanza really know what it takes.

I said, "epic adventure"...not ride.....While I am riding on this EPIC adventure you will be sitting at your desks eating donuts and drinking coffee...Have fun at work...

"Extending beyond the usual or ordinary extraordinary". No where in this definition is epic referred to as a gravel road ride over 60 miles. What makes these rides epic is that they range over epic territory. And I can't help it if everything I do is epic, is it my fault I pick the most extraordinary places to ride?

But Stoney, for this weekend in order to start tapering down for the DK I will not participate in any epic rides. I promise.

And Don, there's no room for donuts a week before the Kanza. Stoney's right, the people who complete this race know what is necessary to finish, and I bet it didn't include a diet of donuts. Pete, put down that donut!

Wait, the DK200 is in a week? Shit, I guess I better start training. How far is it til we get to a swimming pool? And as long as we're on the subject, how far do I actually need to ride before I can fake some sort of health problem that would prohibit me from continuing the race?

Now you tell us about the donuts. Thanks a lot. I already ate one this morning. Oh well, that donut was pretty freaking epic.

"Beer sales must cease at midnight"

Did anyone else read that in the online rulebook?

Better BYOB.

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