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June 01, 2010


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I have the trailer in KC and will be in Emporia on Friday afternoon! I will park it by race HDQTRS and will be there manning it. Drop by get your bike race ready and set it in there for the morning!

Does Pete still have hotel rooms available for purchase?

Nick just sent me an e-mail letting me know that we do have SAG which will be his sister and mom. I am going to let his sister drive my truck. I think we will owe them dinner for SAG duties.

I have decided to ride my Epic since it is lighter than the 29er and tricross with no camel back or water. I really don’t want the weight of the water. I have a great water filter which I will use at the creeks. I am also not taking a tube, just a patch kit to save weight. My food will be Doritos and Laffy Taffy at the gas stations. Will I need lights? Bob, I’m sure this is close to your set up is there anything I forgot?.........

My money is on Jessica to finish!

Bob, I think we all know the only way that I'll beat Berry is if he gets lost and confused several times, which very well could happen. I've never beaten him before so I'll take it anyway I can get it.

As far as bike setup, I'm running a 42x19 gear. I've got 3 water bottle cages, I could carry another 2 in my jersey pockets, but with the weather forecast of 90+ degrees, I'm considering using a camelbak for at least the first checkpoint. I can always take it off at the checkpoints, if it gets too hot.

Bob, you're running a bigger gear than I am. You're an animal!

Don, don't worry about water, there's lots of shade on the course.

I'm riding my geared tricross with a 29'er on the front and a 700X45 on the back. Mountain feedbag for food with 2 bottle cages and a 2-bottle aqua rack hanging below my ass. I'm gonna try to go sans the camel bak at least til the 1st checkpoint, assuming I even make it there.

Don, I've read a lot of race reports on this thing and I really think you should consider carrying some tubes. A lot of the reports talk about people gashing holes in their sidewalls. It'd be a bitch if you got stuck carrying your bike.......again.

Better change that gear, Stoney:)

1.) hydrate with lots of water. 2.) Concentrate on stretching and core workouts. No more bike this week. 3.) Breathing exercises, hypoxic breathing, anyone want to venture what that is? I'm doing it. 4.) Eat as many vegetables as I can. Don't wait till Friday to load up on pasta-you're wasting your time. 5.) New batteries, charge my headlamp one final time. 6.) Prepackage my heed and perpetuem into baggies. 7.) 700x32 on my singlecross. new tire on back. 8.) Still waivering on the camelbak, got a small one might run in conjunction with fanny pak. Camelbaks keeps the sweat from evaporating. 9.) Gearing, I'm running 42x18, I think that's right, I'm confused.

Oops! I thought Bob posted the huge 42x19 gear. Just for reference, the two times that I've finished this race - an easier route and much better conditions the temps never made it out of the 70's) - I used a 42x20 with a 35mm rear tire. That's around 57 gear-inches. I plan to run a 38x18 this year with a 45 mm rear tire which works out to about 59 gear-inches. I may swap out to a 35 mm tire which would be slightly easier to push. Give that they're predicting temps in the 90's, I'd go with an easier rather than harder gear.

I imagine Bob with never shift out of his big chainring.

Geez, what to do? My 2 heroes have differing opinions on gearing.

Berry says 42x18;
Peat says 42x20;

I guess I'll split the difference and go with 42x19. Besides, Berry will call me a pussy if I change to an easier gear.(Actually, he'll keep calling me a pussy either way)

Pick whatever you're comfortable with, Stoney. I'd be riding a bigger gear if my knee weren't a problem. In any case, I know I can't hang with Berrie.

So from what I can gather, Barry is loading up on antioxidants? I did some research on hypoxic breathing, and it sounds pretty legit.

I keep going back and forth with the aquarack vs. Camelbak saga. I guess worst case scenario I could drink some cow piss, I hear there's lots of cattle out there and we ALL know urine is sterile.

Everyone has read this right?


Make sure your cell phones are charged, you know, just in case.
See everyone at the shop at 11:30. Peat, you riding with us? My car is full but I'm sure we can find room for you somewhere.

Each participant must carry with them (on their body, or on their bike) every item on this list:
• Cycling computer
• Red flashing tail light
• Front light (Power output is up to you.)
• Minimum of two liters of water or sports drink
• Compass
• Two spare inner tubes
• Air pump or inflation system

Also of note, "This course will require a high-quality, well-prepared bicycle with a wide gear range and good tires"

"Wide gear range" I guess we're screwed boys.

Pretty wide range between spinning, mashing and walking.

Don't forget your compass.

and snake bite kit

And cow bite kit.

if i were you guys i would consider packing a fucking rolling IV holder next to your bike...you are gonna need it

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