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June 12, 2010


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I'm definitely doing the Race to the Dome, it's awesome that we have a race close to home.

Somebody told me Don was doing the "Bay to the Breakers" foot race, but I don't think I'm cool with that being on our schedule.

I'm recovering with a run in with some Chainsaw at GB. Man, never drink an entire pitcher of that stuff alone.

**Barry staggers out of Gumbo's to get in his wife's car**

....."Aw'll schee you fuckers later!!!"

I dont know how you kept it upright Berry.
I think I'm gonna do the Race to the dome too, looks like fun. After that I may not be able to race till July 18 OMBA CRAMBA

I will probably do the SMSG races and the state crit

I'll be at Lost Valley this coming Sunday and that will probably be my last MTB race until August.

I am in for the "The Glory of Pain" 3/6 Hour Race in Warsaw, MO on the 26th.


Leadville Silver Rush 50

July 17th, 2010

Zach and I are going. You can still register at the LT100 website ($110.00) I have a house that can sleep a few more people if anyone wants to go. We are getting the house on the 13th-18th and come back on the 19th which means we leave on the 12th to go out. No cost to anyone, I already paid for the house. You bring $100.00 worth of food /beer...YOU’RE in!

We will be doing some riding on the LT 100 TRAIL and volunteering for trail marking etc for the MTB 50. We might even volunteer for the runners on the 18th if there is time.

Bob Jenkins is out due to the Gay Olympics being held at the same time and will be out of the country participating but if you have a driving need for EPIC adventure and possibly and EPIC race (***Note, typically EPIC is not applied (PER STONEY AND BARRY) to races less than 100 miles but this is in Colorado and in altitude with hippies). I can however say with some surety that the adventure part will be EPIC!

Let us know if anyone of you have the Sacajawea’s to participate.

Bob, please refrain from posting a race report and pictures. Just a note of caution, if you bonk, don’t lay down in the trail with your shirt off, the results might be surprising. Be sure to wear your macaroni necklace and your popsicle stick bracelet!

Don D

The Inaugural Gravel World Championship
August 21s1, 2010
Lincoln, NE

Self supported 150 mile gravel road race. This is a FREE race

It does say that registration is closed, I sent an e-mail and got as many of us in that want to go. Let me know by the end of the week if you want to go and what category you will compete in. If you win your category, you get a PIMP “Gravel Worlds” jersey.

Open Men
Open Women
Open Bi Curious / Jenkins category…Must ride 150 on a pogo stick.
Masters Mens 50+
Masters Womens 50+
SS Mens
SS Womens
Unicycle / shortened version.

Right now, Zach, Bopp and Don D are attending.


I'm thinking about it.

Hey, wait a minute. Isn't this the same weekend as SS championship here? We can't let the Fuhrumanator just come in here and have his way with Binder. Someone needs to take him down as in down town to Chinatown.

We all know that Barry is like kryptonite to the Fuhrmanator.

Does anyone have a singlespeed I can ride? I guess Bopp, Zach and I might have to pass on our bid to become World Champion gravel riders. I would rather volunteer and help you guys in your bid to become more like Stoney in the single speed world!

You can ride my SS Don D. Now we just need to find one for Cory.

Don, they make an S-Works singlespeed. Just sayin'.

hey me and turbo are riding tonight at the ktl parking loy at 7:00 if anybody wants to come. bopp

Nobody wants to be like me in the single-speed world. I'm not a real single-speeder, just a gear-queer poser. Although, I did beat Berry by over 3 hours at Dirty Kanza on a single-speed, so maybe not that much of a poser.

I think the smart money on beating Fuhrmann is on Turbo. What kind of lap times is he turning at Binder? And what about the new kid at the shop, does he have an American Gladiators nickname yet? How fast is he?

Thats ROCKET, he's a roadie.

My wife is on to my bike buying, another bike this year might cost me something really expensive like new carpet and patio furniture!

Nick...Thanks...I'll take care of your baby!

Stoney, what's up with you? Here you are, top of the totem pole of TRW and you're already to hand over the reigns to kids. I don't know about you Stoney. You better start showing more intestinal fortitude or I'm gona have Rocket slap some shit into you, seeing as how we gotta have the kids take care of the Fuhrmanator.

You know you gotta defend that last win. The pressure's on. The cross hairs are on your back. I can just hear everyone now. "I gotta beat Stoney, gotta beat Stoney, gotta beat Stoney."

Berry, I didn't win the last race, I was second in single-speed and second on TRW. Bopp beat me by a half hour, even after stopping to help me change a flat.

I can't be at the top of the totem pole, I have never beaten Bopp and I haven't beaten you or Peat in a mtn bike or cyclocross race. The DK is a different animal, it isn't about cornering and descending skills, which we all know I'm lacking in. It's about endurance, pacing, getting your nutrition right, and being too stubborn/stupid to take breaks or just drop out.

I hope you mean you are going to have Rocket slap the shit OUT of me or possibly slap some sense into me. It's bad enough Nick hired a roadie, but one that walks around with shit in his hands slapping people? That cant be good for business.

So who is going to Lost Valley? There is also a Perry Lake KS race for our Kansas City Chapter.

Corey, as your DAD I would like to see you on Fathers day!

Didn't get enough ot the DK 200? I just signed up for the fliint hills death ride. Sunday 25 July 2010, just 20 or so miles south of Emporia. early sign up deadline is today 18 July. It's only $55 now but $70 after today. We need to get some TRW representation down there and dominate. Who's going? I can drive again. BOPP, BARRY, BOB, STONEY, et al???? sign up now don't delay 70ish miles but probably closer to 80 or more. Don't want to do the whole thing? Taste of the Flint Hills is 30ish miles on Saturday. Let me know if any want to do the 30 on Sat and the 80ish on Sunday. Note, you are able to buy sweet finisher jerseys if you complete the race.


Barry, I believe you still owe me a push on the swing next to the flower bed at the cute little cottage with the white picket fence in Kansas. Since this isn't a race, I'll wait for you this time.

Zach and I have a regular gravel road ride every Sunday morning at the lake at 7:30AM. We average 40 miles per ride and are planning a 70 mile ride this Sunday if any of you have enough STONEY man jewels to join us. Stoney....PLEASE DONT COME, this ride isnt for pro's. It's for us STONEY WANNABE'S, pretenders and the Jenkins of the world!

So I did the Broemmelsiek race on Sunday. Great race, good venue, hot day. Stoney, you forgot to mention the short track races starting this Thursday at Castlewood state park.

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