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June 22, 2010


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It was just Corey, Phil, the bmx guy, and I on the group ride tonight. Berry didn't want to wait 5 minutes to ride with us because he revamped his scientific training program and didn't want us messing it up. Where was everybody, are you going to let a 105 heat index scare you off?

In other news, I hear Bopp and Turbo raced Lost Valley this last weekend, but I don't see no race report. So Berry, can you have Rocket slap some shit into Turbo?

I was showing Allison Dunlap how to push a SS up a mountain in Durango.

It was hot steamy and horse flies that drove you crazy. Those things know exactly where to sting between your shoulder blades and you can't reach them. Throw in some spider webs and there you have it. I couldn't wait on Stoney cause I had to get home and bbq.

Somebody has trimmed up some of the green blue trail. But the lake side loop is way grown up.

Stoney leave Barry alone! Im sure he has some super secret training methods he didn't want you to see for his comeback. Well that or maybe Matlock was on.

Stoney does not need to train, he needs to be eating donuts and drinking cokes so the rest of us can catch up to his elite status.

Bopp got 2nd and Turbo 5th in the Sport 20-29 class. I'd be interested to know if they rode their singlespeeds or not; there's a lot of gravel and flat doubletrack on that course so singlespeeders are at a disadvantage.

Anybody want to do a gravel ride this saturday? otherwise I'm going to do a road ride. If Stoney will allow it, I'd lead us on my epic adventure towards Boonville staying S of the MO river.

Will these be the same roads you used to train for your 20+ hour Dirty Kanza finish? If so, they're probably not all that epic.

How the hell do you go from kicking my butt at Syllamo - while riding the yellow loop twice - to having a pussy like me beat you by over 3 hours at Kanza? Do what you want, but I'd find some better training grounds.

Some days the bike gods are with you and some days they're not. I'm posting my road ride to Velocal.

Barry, forget your little 70 mile road ride. Don and Zach already have a 70 mile gravel ride planned for Sunday.

I found that ride buried under umpteen million comments on some old worn out thread. Can't those guys get enough kahoonas to create a new thread? Are you messing up again Stoney, cause I can still slap shit into you or out of you, makes no difference.

Berry, it's good to finally see you back to your old self, albeit your angry and irrational old self. You've been acting rather subdued lately; you had me worried that Kanza had drained all the piss and vinegar out of you.

Here's a thought - since they didn't make a new post for their ride, why don't you slap the shit out of Don, and then slap that shit into Zach? Reuse Reduce Recycle, much better for the environment. I'm still not sure how you slap shit into someone, but if you say its possible I believe you. Or, because you didn't make a new post for your ride either, you could cut them a break and nobody gets shit slapped into/out of them.

You jerks going to be there tonight?

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