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October 14, 2010


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You know I would be there but I'm signed up for the KC marathon. I Think Mitch also put together a TRW camping trip at Council Blufs this weekend also.

Corey, you're running a marathon? On purpose?

Actually just doing the half... I was going to do the full but I haven't really been training for it so the half it is.

It's also the kick off of the Bubba CX series in STL, it all starts with a night race at Buder Park(44 & 141) then a race on Sunday! Hup, Hup Buttercup!!!

Good luck and NO injury wishes to everyone this weekend!

I'm thinking about getting a head start on the vacation season and forming out some gingerbread houses. What do you guys think I should go with, the traditional style house or maybe something in a colonial? The colonial offers so much more in the way of fixtures. You really have to be careful while making these houses, it requires sharp knives to cut the windows out.

As long as there are plenty of gumdrops I dont think it really matters, Barry.

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