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October 18, 2010


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That looks awesome. Can't wait for some gravel goodness this fall and winter. Anyone else looking forward to Dirty Kanza 2011?

Peat, you're back! Haven't seen you post anything in a while. We heard you were riding across the country, visiting schools and cautioning students about the dangers of using derailleurs. That is truly inspiring.

To answer your question, I'm looking forward to DK next year. I'm planning to hang back with Berry and make sure I get that push on the swing that he promised.

I am looking forward to some gravel GOODNESS also. Let me now when you guys are rolling, I would love to roll with you!

Is anyone up for a gravel ride(old 94 or wherever) Wednesday or Thursday night?

I'm down. Robby, Luke and I are going to be scouting out a MONSTERCROSS route this evening if you're interested. I've got a cell phone now,(pause for emphasis), so hit me up if you're interested.

Well thank you, coach outlet. It is very happy to meet you too, maybe you could come to the gravel ride this tuesday and we can talk about purses.

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