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October 19, 2010


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For a $5 entry fee, I'll probably get a shot. I'm guessing there won't be a big turnout though, did they advertise anywhere?

We're advertising for it right now:)

I'm sure it'll be small at first, but the dirt crits in STL were small at first, too.

Think about it; we can RIDE to the race, do the race, and then RIDE our bikes back home. There's no reason we can't have at least 6 guys racing this thing every week.

There's also no reason a local bike racing team shouldn't be able to go to this thing and AT LEAST put a few guys in the top ten. You better believe my fat ass will be there, do you really want a guy like me representing the team on his own?

I admire your enthusiasm. Okay everybody show up and bring your headlamps, we'll probably need them. 2nd race starts at 6:15 and sunset is at 6:25.

Hey, maybe they'll have it lit up with tiki torches..could be cool

If any of you TRW pansies actually show up I may just take the cross bike off the rack and take a break from crushing your trails to crush your grass too. Bring me some good A gamers and I'll play along.


Note: Your not all pansies, just Barry. That's right old man...

we'll see about that, you slam one TRW'r you slam us all. and thank you for that forcast Stoney, it sure helps to have a meteorologist on the Team.

I don't think Turbo will be there, but if you show up I wouldn't be too surprised if Barry leaves you in a cloud of gold-bond dust.

Ohhh touche. The pic is legit, and I really didn't want to do this, BUT WHO TOOK IT TO THE HOUSE AT THE 6 HOUR? Ha ha ha, turbno, dan, and bopper couldn't match our duo skills. Check that stat, 22 minutes up and one man down. As Bill Dance would say, BOO YA!

I'd be honered to be dusted with gold bone via Barry. Hopefully his oldness will rub off on me and give me god like powers at the age of 85 or whatever age he is now days.

For seriousness tho, just thought I'd give Jenks a hand in getting you all fired up. I'll be on my SS so come test your might. Shouldn't be hard to beat my out of form crossing ass...

See you fuckers tonight.


"I'd be honered to be dusted with gold **bone** via Barry"

You're never gonna live that shit down.

Well, I have to give credit to G-wiz, he laid a beat-down on Berry and I. Luckily for me this was a practice race or my 2-race win streak over Berry would have ended. Luke and Brandon rounded out the field.

I guess 5 racers isn't bad considering no one knew about the race until Tuesday and only found out about it from TeamRedWheel.com or Team-Virtus.com. Hopefully we can get more racers next week. Has anyone talked to Bopp? He probably has no idea about these races.

Gravel this weekend?

Me, Don, BGB, and Corey will be at the BTEPIC this weekend romping the course and maybe each other a little bit.

I'm on the fence with berryman, I'm not heading down all that way to ride in the rain, I don't need to race that much. did get the ok to register morning of, but I gotta be there an hour before the race. That means I gotta be outa here by 5ish. That aint no fun.

The race went good last night. Thanks Aaron for getting that together, you did a fine job. Cheeze wiz, or is it G wiz took the show like Stoney said.

It looks as if its mainly a 30% to 40% chance of scattered showers past 9am. and only a 50% chance of rain before that... So get your old ASS down there Barry! They even named the race after you!

Twigs and Berry-Man Epic

Two meteorologists on the same Team. What is the chance of that happening? OK, I'm there.

We know how you old men like nothing more than watching the weather and Matlock...

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