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April 19, 2011


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Yikes. Did we get Mr Vollmer a gps this tear?

those directions just send goose bumps up my arms. i am totally psyched and prepped. bring it on! one thing i've learned and pass on to whoever wants it, i followed the map closely last year, stayed pretty much on course, and the psychological advantage of seeing your progression on the map is really beneficial. just have a way of keeping the map away from sweat and easily viewable as you ride. you won't regret it.

wild mustangs, now that's pretty cool.

Personally, I can't wait to get to Texaco Hill. I got to ride some fabulous hills in CA and cant wait to compare. Bring on the hills!!!!

Sasha, you're going to be disappointed. Kansas is really flat. Texaco Hill is just the name of one of the highway overpasses.

I think the 100+ degree temps and 40mph winds will more than make up for that.

DK has some spots avail from people who are droppin out. so if you want in, there's an opportunity to get in.

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