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April 25, 2011


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I'M IN!!!! Speaking of camping...I think I'm going to head down to Council Bluff Lake this Saturday and camp, ride, etc. If anyone is interested in tagging along let me know.

Sounds like a good time. Don't see why i shouldn't be able to make it.

You know I'll be there!

Matt, Isn't there something going on in that area this weekend?

corey-yup...camp, fish, do some riding saturday, and get ready for the real ride on sunday.

Mat, you may want to call ahead. I don't think that the park actually opens until Sunday May 1st.

Nick I am in. I will probably head down on Friday to get set up. You may want to look into reserving some sites. I am not sure how busy they will be that weekend. I will be calling down to reserve my favorite one (number disclosed until the site is reserved).

Barry do you think that you might get permission to camp? Don't tell her that I will be there. I know that I am a bad influence. I will bring the "Chain Saw"!

It will be a good time and there is more trail than you will want to ride in just one weekend.

man, i just don't know. but i do know two things. first i'm riding wed night from the gov mansion, and drinkin afterwards, and second, i'm gonna attend the mandatory TRW meeting at Prison Brews on Sun afternoon after 4 till something. crooked arm benders are playing. and fourth, what the hell happened up in trans iowa. wtf.

and fifth, pat says that The Mitch has corrupted me and hooked me on Jack Daniels, so, i'm no longer allowed to play with him anymore.

The world may never know what the heck happened at TI, but I'll let them know what happened at the Wed. night ride...

Since it was a bone-chilling 55 degrees and windy with a 10% chance of precipitation, when I showed up for the ride the only people there were Roger McKay, Cary Maloney, Berry, and Becky Lynn. Definitely a murderer's row of hardcore cyclists.

I figured I was in for a long night of suffering, but surprisingly enough on the long climb thru Elston I dropped Berry like a bad habit. Then I waited for him to catch up so I could drop him like a sack of potatoes. Then I waited for him one last time so I could drop him harder than I got dropped as a baby.

OK, actually Berry held back and waited on Becky, but I didn't think any of you would believe Berry actually waited on someone. After the ride, I went up to Gumbo Bottoms with Cary and Berry. The Mitch decided to brave the weather to join in the post-ride consumption of adult beverages.

Berry bought the first pitcher. Here's my review of his choice of beer - Export IPA. It doesn't taste very good, but with it's 10% alcohol content if you drink enough of it you'll probably get drunk.

It was a good ride, hopefully next week it won't be cloudy so the limp-wristed girly men who only ride when the sun is shining can join us.

I know this is kind of a late post, but I took tomorrow off. I'm going to do a century for some Kanza training. If anyone wants in, let me know...and forget the camping on Saturday. The weather is not looking good for Sunday which is ultimately why I was heading down Saturday afternoon.

Stoney, if you can't figure why I'd rather ride with Becky than you turds, then you've been raised under a rock. But really, I can never keep up with Roger or Cary. There is no f'n way. But you're right about the wed eve rides. that is the kickintheassest ride of the week. those guys flat out fly and if you want to get in shape for the kanza, that ride is for you.

forget long drawn out mileage, if you want to get ready for Kanza, you want to get strong, ride with Roger leading at full out on wed eve out of the gov mansion. you'll be ready. guarandamntee it.


The mitch and I got our camp sites, you better hurry up and book one. I got #43, The Mitch got #39 and #15.

I just got #41

I'm on campsite 45.

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